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Fiber Shed

See below to learn about and sign up for available classes.


Dyeing with Natural Primaries
with Rebecca Kelly

Join us for a full day workshop that explores the history and uses natural dyes.  The workshop begins with a short lecture and the opportunity to jumpstart or add to your own dyer’s notebook. The day includes a tour of the museum’s collection, and you will see the type of textiles and objects that inspire us.


Participants will dye their own cotton 22 x 22 inch bandana and we can discuss opportunities for additional projects.  After completing this course students are welcome to schedule time and use the fiber shed's dye lab during open studio hours.  Our dye specialist will be on hand to help you during the open studio.


Spring workshops will focus on nature’s pallet of primary colors. Madder root, marigold flower and indigo will be featured.


This is a one-day workshop. Space is limited. 


Please bring: a bagged lunch, plenty of water, a smock (or wear clothes that you don’t mind a getting potential dye splash.)


Dress appropriately for the weather, the fiber shed has no heat or A/C. Please wear closed toe and comfortable shoes.  Bring bug spray if the mosquitoes like you.

Register for the workshop on June 8th, 10am - 2pm

Introduction to Fabric Collage
with Rebecca Kelly

Start your journey into fabric collage with this fun project inspired by the abundance of late spring flowers.  This collage will focus on the iris, a beautiful and complex flower often interpreted as a symbol of faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration.  It is the birth flower for the month of February.


Workshop runs from 5:30 – 8:30 pm

By the time class is over, you should be close to finished and have all the information and supplies to finish up your mini-masterpiece.


This workshop welcomes all ability and skill levels and is great for beginners. All supplies are included.  We will be using natural linen as the collage background and an assortment of printed cotton scraps for the leaves and flowers.  Feel free to bring your favorite scissors, sewing needles and any fabric scraps you may like to add to your collage.

Register for the workshop on May 29th, 5:30pm - 8:30pm

with guest instructor Blue Dog Natural Dye House

Do you already have some familiarity with botanical dyeing, perhaps through bundle dyeing or working with indigo? Then you may be ready to try the more precise method of eco-printing: "imprinting" the full flowers through steam onto fabric. This process takes some practice to get "exact" prints, but once you master it, it's fun to experiment with different dye flowers to see what happens!

Each workshop participant will forage in the beautiful South County Museum dye gardens for fresh flowers. Students will learn about the process of pre-treating fabrics for botanical dye and then get to dye a medium-sized cotton tote bag and a piece of silk using the picked flowers.

This workshop will review:
* The preparation process for botanically and naturally dyeing fabric
* The different dye flowers you can use and what types of results they may produce
* How to care for your naturally-dyed fabrics

All materials will be provided, including the pre-treated tote bag and silk, fresh flowers, and the pots, water, and heat source for steaming. All you need to bring is a curious mind and your creativity!

Other items to note:
* All workshops are in-person.
* This workshop will last approximately 3 hours. As projects steam and dye, you'll get to take a break.
* The workshop fee includes all materials. You do not need to bring anything.
* If you are seasonally allergic to flowers, please wear a mask.

Register for the workshop on
August 3rd, 1pm - 4pm

Mini Loom Weaving

Dive into the art of weaving.

Classes are currently closed but check back for when registration opens.

The Mending and Making Club

Have some well worn clothes or fabric articles that need mending? Come socialize and learn how to repair your fabric items. 

Classes are currently closed but check back for when registration opens.

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